Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Responds To News Of UK Inquiry


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has responded directly to news that UK Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered an inquiry into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United Kingdom.  According to a statement posed on the Brotherhood’s website IkhwanWeb:

3543827_370April 2, 2014 Recent British newspaper reports claimed that a Downing Street spokesman told the Times: ‘The Muslim Brotherhood has risen in prominence in recent years but our understanding of the organization, its philosophy and values, has not kept pace with this. Given the concerns about the group and its alleged links to violent extremism, it’s absolutely right and prudent that we get a better handle of what the Brotherhood stands for, how they intend to achieve their aims and what that means for Britain’.

The Muslim Brotherhood has always had a perfectly reputable and verifiable history record and a correct understanding of religion ever since it was founded, more than 86 years ago. The group is ready and willing to cooperate with all efforts to understand its beliefs, policies and positions..

It also denounces all media campaigns that try to demonize the group and link it to violent incidents which it condemned in no ambiguous terms at the time, the most recent of which was the attack on a tourist bus in Taba (in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula) in February 2014.

In spite of all the military junta’s blatant lies and torrent of misinformation against the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian authorities did not have the audacity to accuse the group of being behind that Taba incident. Instead, those authorities accused some other party who admitted responsibility for the attack.”

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The Brotherhood also released a statement though their London solicitors which said that that the group:

…..intends to openly engage with the British Government’s review and will make representations to assist the Government’s inquiry into the organisation’s philosophy and values, its policies and its track record both in and out of Government.

The GMBDW reported earlier this week on the UK inquiry.

Readers of the GMBDW and its predecessor publication have long been aware that the UK serves as the main hub for the Global Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in Europe.

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