Muslim Brotherhood Leader Denies International Organization Moving To Austria


(The Jerusalem Post subsequently deleted this denial from their story; see our Correction here.)

Citing Turkish media sources, Israeli media is reporting that the Secretary-General of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood has denied that the group is moving their headquarters from London to Graz, Austria. According to a report in the Jerusalem Post:

3543827_370April 13, 2013 The secretary-general of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ibrahim Mounir, denied the report that their headquarters was moving to Austria.

‘I cannot imagine or accept to leave Britain for any other country,’ Mounir told the Turkish Anadolu Agency by phone from London on Sunday.

He also denied that the headquarters was located in London, adding that decisions of the group are not made in the city.

‘We do not need to leave Britain because we have not committed a crime or violated the law,’ said Mounir.

‘The authorities in Britain know this very well’ and the Brotherhood is ready to cooperate with British investigators, he said.

The GMBDW reported last week that according to an Egyptian media outlet,  the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood had decided to transfer their offices to Graz, Austria and three other unidentified European cities following the announcement of an investigation into the Brotherhood’s activities in the UK. The GMBDW also noted that over the years, several important leaders of the Global Muslim Brotherhood had resided in Graz including  Ayman Aly, formerly a top advisor to deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

The GMBDW reported earlier this week that Ibrahim Munir had warned that banning the Brotherhood in the UK would lead to an increased risk of terrorism. We also reported last week that Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered an inquiry into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United Kingdom 

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