20110630_gmbdrmedium6We have some very exciting news for readers of the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch (formerly known as the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report). After acquiring the GMBDR domains last week, we resolved the technical issuues much sooner than expected and the two publications have now been fully merged. (We are also redirecting all links from the older GMBDR domain to the corresponding posts on the GMBDW so no worries there.) We now are confident that we now have the single most comprehensive and in-depth resource anywhere on the daily activities of the Global Muslim Brotherhood, beginning in June 2007 and expanding the GMBDW more than sixfold. To browse the older material, you can go to the right-hand column on any page and scroll down a bit where you will see the Archives box (click to expand years) that will take you to any time you choose. Please bear with us as we slowly try to cleanup some outstanding issues, the biggest of which is broken links. Some of these can and will be fixed when they are internal to the GMBDW. Where resources linked to have disappeared from the Internet, we suggest you try the Wayback Machine which can often find what you are looking for. If not, some creative research may turn up the item if you are lucky. (We are sorry but it was just not feasible to do the work of the GMBDW and also serve as an archive for lost pages.) Readers will also notice stylistic differences beginning at the time of the transition from the GMBDR to the GMBDW in April 2013. Posts that were imported from the older publication may have graphics that seem out of place, more typos than usual, and do not make use of the GMBDW Wiki. We will fix what we can over time but we thought it far more important to make the content available than worry about relatively small matters. We are sure that this will turn out to be a major development, both for the GMBDW as well as for the community of people seeking reliable information about the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

So, enjoy (if that is the right word) and let us know through the contact form if you have any questions or issues.


Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch

(formerly the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report)

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