American Muslims For Palestine Dinner Praises Convicted Israel Bomber; UK Hamas Support Figure Gives Keynote


The Investigative Project has reported that the recent fundraising dinner for the American Muslims for Palestine featured high praise for Rasmieh Odeh, convicted in Israel for her role in several bombings there. According to the IPT report, the banquet featured other individuals associated with Hamas and the Global Muslim Brotherhood:

amp-logoApril 8, 2014 In the American civil rights movement, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King were among those who set the moral tone. They were champions of non-violence who believed in civil disobedience to generate change by casting light on unjust laws.

If Saturday’s fundraising dinner for the group American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is any indication, role models for their cause include an unrepentant killer, a woman directly responsible for two people’s deaths in a grocery store bombing. Prosecutors say she is in America only because she kept that crime a secret from immigration officials.

In addition to its praise for Rasmieh Odeh, the dinner at a banquet hall outside of Chicago offered further insight into AMP’s radical ideology. Other speakers included a man identified as a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Jordan who previously led a Hamas-propaganda arm in America and a man listed as a member of the Palestine Committee, the Muslim Brotherhood’s umbrella organization of American-based Hamas-support groups.

And it is especially relevant if claims that AMP is working with the U.S. Department of Education and is developing a curriculum about the Palestinian cause for high school students prove to be true. While AMP members have a right to their beliefs, public officials should be wary of the group’s consistent support for terrorists.

As we reported previously, AMP does not advocate for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rather, it openly endorses “resistance,” a euphemism for violence, and speakers demand rejecting Israel’s legitimacy.

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The American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is a Palestinian advocacy group with strong ties to both the US Muslim Brotherhood and to the Hamas support infrastructure in the US. Seemingly overlooked by the IPT report was the significance of keynote speaker Salman Abu Sitta, a UK “researcher’ who is known to be one of the key founders of the Palestinian Return Centre in the UK, in turn one of the key parts of the Hamas infrastructure there. This is an unusual public display of the transatlantic networking that occurs within the global Brotherhood/Hamas networks. The GMBDW reported in March on the launch of the US Muslim Brotherhood umbrella group known as the US Council of Muslim Organizations  of which the AMP is a founding member.

For our extensive profile on AMP, go here.

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