Latest European Al-Wafaa Campaign Convoy Arrives In Syria; Campaign Head Is Dutch Hamas Operative


A Union of Good website is reporting on the latest European Al-Wafaa Campaign to arrive in Syria. According to the report:

Al-Wafaa Campaign
Al-Wafaa Campaign

The 8th convoy of the European Al-Wafaa Campaign has succeeded yesterday to enter the besieged Palestinian refugee camp of Al-Yarmouk in Syria to deliver food relief to its inhabitants.

The organizers of the campaign distributed quantities of foodstuff consisting of milk, bread, and hot meals to the inhabitants at Rama street near the entrance, and they checked the difficult living situation of the refugees.

The campaign , for the second day is continuing the distribution of food baskets inside the Yarmouk camp, which is considered as a home for the largest Palestinian refugee community in Syria., and lies 8km from the center of Damascus.

The head of Al-Waffaa campaign Amin Abu Rashed expressed hopes that the food distribution process would continue inside the camp easily without any obstacles.

He also expressed thanks to all those who have contributed in facilitating the entrance of the aid convoy to the Yarmouk camp, noting that the convoy consists of an Asian and European delegations that included 19 persons.

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In November 13, the GMBDW reported on the Winter aid convoy to Syria which was scheduled for launch by the European Al-Wafaa Campaign.

The website of the “Al-Wafaa Campaign” describes its objectives as aiding Palestinian refugees both fleeing Syria as well as those inside the country and claims credit for various aid convoys it says it has organized. However, the Al-Wafaa site also identifies eleven organizations collecting donations for Al-Wafaa, many of which are known to have been either member organizations of the Union Of Good (UOG) or closely tied to it, part of the Gaza Flotilla movement (itself close to the UOG) and/or close to Hamas including:

  • Stichting Israa (Dutch UOG member)
  • L’Associazione benefica di solidarietà con il Popolo palestinese (Italian UOG member)
  • Palestinian Rights Institute (part of the Gaza Flotilla movement)
  • La Fundación Comité de Apoyo al Pueblo Palestino (officers also part of PALMED, spun off from the Palestinians in Europe conferences)
  • PalMedUK (officers tied to Human Relief UK, a UK UOG member)
  • CBSP Switzerland (Swiss UOG member)

In addition, the Al-Wafaa website is registered to Amin Abou Rashed ((aka Amin Abou, Amin Rashid), known to be a Hamas operative residing in the Netherlands.

As we have reported before, it is no surprise that the Al-Wafaa website describes aid convoys to the large Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, located outside Damascus and recently the scene of heavy fighting involving various factions in the Syrian civil war. A December 2012 BBC profile explained how Yarmouk became a Hamas center in Syria. Last month, Palestinian media published an article with the title “European Institutions Express Deep Concern Over Catastrophic Situation in Yarmouk Refugee Camp.” However, every one of the 20 “European institutes” identified are known to be part of the Hamas support network in Europe, including the “European Initiative to Lift settlements and the wall”, headed by Amin About Rashed. One of the other organizations identified in the article was the Action Group for Palestinians in Syria in London, one of the sponsors of the November 2013 “Workshop on the situation of Palestinian refugees of Syria” held by the Global Muslim Brotherhood in Istanbul.

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