Erdogan Says Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Leaving Qatar May Be Allowed in Turkey; Hamas Political Leader Denies He Is Leaving


In the ongoing saga of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader leaving Qatar for parts unknown, US media is reporting on comments by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who said that the individuals concerned could be granted entry to Turkey as long as laws permitted. According to a New York Times report:

SEPT. 15, 2014 ISTANBUL — President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey said on Monday that several exiled leaders of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood who fled to Qatar but lately have come under pressure to leave that Persian Gulf monarchy could perhaps find a new refuge in his country.

‘If they make any request to come to Turkey, such an application would be assessed and examined,’ Mr. Erdogan said, according to a report on CNN Turk television. He spoke to reporters on a plane back to Turkey after he had visited Qatar on an official trip. Mr. Erdogan referred to the standard procedures that applied to foreign residents and said that Muslim Brotherhood leaders could be granted entry to Turkey as long as laws permitted.

‘If there are reasons that would prevent their entry to Turkey, it would be assessed accordingly’ he said. And if there are no obstacles, the ease granted to everyone would also be granted to them.’”

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The GMBDW reported earlier this week on the announcement by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood that a number of its leaders had been asked by Qatar to leave the country. Subsequently we reported on Turkey and Malaysia as possible destinations for these individuals.

In another relevant development, a Turkish news portal is reporting that haas has denied other reports that Hamas political leader Kahled Meshaal has also been asked to leave Qatar. According to the report:

September 16, 2014 Palestinian resistance faction Hamas has denied media reports that Qatar had asked Hamas political chief Khaled Meshaal to leave the country. ‘These are mere lies,’ Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told Anadolu Agency on Monday. ‘Qatar has not asked Meshaal to leave its territory.’ Tunisian newspaper Al-Shorouk earlier reported that Doha had asked Meshaal to leave the country. Citing sources, the newspaper reported that Meshaal – who is currently visiting Tunisia – was holding talks with Tunisian officials with a view to securing residence in the country.”

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