Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Arrested For Incitement; Mohamed Said Bakr Accused Of Insulting The Government


Israeli media is reporting that Jordan has arrested a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood on charges of incitement against the authorities. According to the Times of Israel report, Mohamed Said Bakr was detained following an event marking the end of the Gaza conflict:

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood
Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood

Jordan arrested a senior member of the country’s Muslim Brotherhood Tuesday on charges of ‘incitement’ against the authorities, a judicial source said, as the group’s political wing demanded his release.

Mohamed Said Bakr, a member of the Brotherhood’s consultative council, was detained for 15 days by prosecutors after criticizing the government at an event marking the end of the conflict in Gaza, the source said.

The Jordanian Brotherhood’s political wing, the Islamic Action Front, condemned the arrest.

‘It is unacceptable that clerics and activists should be arrested on the basis of positions they expressed,’ said IAF Secretary General Mohamed al-Zayoud on the party’s website.

Zayoud called for the ‘immediate release’ of Bakr, saying that ‘stable regimes would not be threatened by a speech given at a festival or expressing an opinion.’

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The Times of Israel had reported earlier on the Friday event at which it said a senior member of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood “decried the kingdom’s diplomatic relations with the Jewish state, and offered his and the Jordanian people’s unwavering support for Palestinian ‘resistance’ fighters who wage ‘jihad’ against IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.”

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