RECOMMENDED READING: “What The Selection Of Gomaa Amin As Supreme Guide Means For The Muslim Brotherhood ”


Eric Trager, an analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, has written an article looking at the implications for the Egyptian Brotherhood of its choice of Gomaa Amin as acting Supreme Guide. The article begins:

Gomaa Amin
Gomaa Amin

September 24, 2013 The Muslim Brotherhood spent 84 years toiling in Egypt’s opposition before winning power in June 2012 only to lose it 369 days later. It has been all downhill for the group since then. In the 14 months since the military responded to huge protests by toppling Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated president, the group has faced an unrelenting crackdown that has practically decimated it as a political force in Egypt. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood’s deteriorating relations with key foreign governments have hindered its attempts to reorganize in exile. Even so, the group hasn’t revised its ideology or changed its strategy. It has refused to seek reconciliation with the new Egyptian regime or question the feasibility of its theocratic agenda. In fact, by selecting the London-based Brotherhood leader Gomaa Amin as acting Supreme Guide — in other words, its chief executive — the Brotherhood has likely doubled down.

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The GMBDW reported in August 2013 that Amin had been made the new head of the  Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and was living at an unknown address in London.

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