UK Government Agency Donated To Coalition Of Global Muslim Brotherhood Charities


UK media is reporting that a government department has donated funds to a charity coalition with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. According a report in The Telegraph:

Muslim Charities Forum
Muslim Charities Forum

A government department donated £18,000 to a charity coalition with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group whose activities Britain has vowed to curtail following concerns over their extremist links in the Middle East, it has been claimed.

Last week the Telegraph revealed that the government was set to impose curbs on Muslim Brotherhood-linked organisations after a report by a senior diplomat exposed its ties with Islamist armed groups in Middle East and elsewhere.

Yet a Department for Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) spending report shows they donated £18,397 earlier this year to the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF), an umbrella group for a number of leading Islamist charities, some of which allegedly have links to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other terrorist organisations.

David Cameron ordered an urgent investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood’s alleged role in violent extremism in April, after Gulf allies put pressure on the government to curtail the movement’s London-based operations.

The report, which has now been handed over to Downing Street, accepts that some of the movement’s activity amounts to complicity with armed groups and extremists in the Middle East and elsewhere.

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The report goes on to identify a report authored by the GMBDW editor which identifies five of these charities – Muslim Hands, Human Appeal International, Human Relief Foundation, Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief – as early participants in the Union of Good, the worldwide coalition of Islamic charities headed by Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi that helps to raise funds for Hamas.

In December 2012, the GMBDW reported that the Muslim Charities Forum was seeking “unfettered access” to distribute aid in Gaza.

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