Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Says US Is Worst Sponsor Of Terrorism


As part of a statement regarding the US coalition against ISIS, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has called the United States “the worst sponsor of terror.” According to the statement carried on the Brotherhood website:

3543827_370“Can the worst sponsor of terror fight terrorism?

The American thinker Fukuyama said that the West’s current conflict is not simply against terrorism, but against the fundamentalist Islamic faith that stands against Western modernity and against the secular state. Adding that this ideology represents a greater threat than communism, he suggested that what is required is a war within Islam to make it accept Western modernity, secularism and the Christian doctrine or principle: ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God’.

It is strange that the US, which claims to be the country that loathes and fights terror the most, is the in fact the worst country that perpetrated most atrocities and created terrorism since it was founded.

The US wiped out a whole nation (tens of millions of Red Indians). The US is the only country that ever used nuclear bombs, despite the fact that Japan was on the verge of surrendering. The US occupied and destroyed Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, where it killed millions. The US toppled popular civil regimes with bloody military coups in many countries. The US supported dictatorial regimes against their own people. The US provides limitless support to Zionist occupation and terror.

Then, regimes created by the West, supported by America, which they obeyed in subservience and submission, followed its example. Those regimes accused of terrorism all patriotic national and Islamic groups and parties that demanded dignity and refused subservience and dependency, in order to elicit sympathy and support of the West with their repressive rule. At the same time, they used terror as a scarecrow for their own people, so – misguided – the people would not object to victimization, corruption and dictatorship.”

Read the entire statement here:

This is certainly not the first time that the Egyptian Brotherhood has accused the US of being “the world’s terrorism leader.” In September 2007, on the sixth anniversary of the 911 attacks, the now deposed Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi made the same charge while also attempting to cast doubt on who was behind the attacks. According to the article on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website:

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, a top MB leader and a member of the MB Executive Office, said on the occasion of marking the sixth anniversary of 9/11 attacks:” From the very beginning, the Muslim Brotherhood group has frankly denounced these attacks. We do not approve carrying out attacks against safe peoples or demolishing houses.
“These attacks were a wrong act which we denounce regardless of its doer”, Morsi says, clarifying the MB attitude towards 9/11 attacks.
Mohamed Morsi sees that the US administration is currently the world”s terrorism leader that intimidates civilians with through invasions, and using unconventional weapons like in Iraq in Baghdad airport battle. “The US administration has never presented any evidences on the identity of those who committed that incident” he says.
“The Muslim Brotherhood and others demanded a transparent trial with clear evidence and to have court rulings. We confirm that this isn”t a defense to those who committed these actions but we only seek the truth”, Morsi adds.

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