International Organization Of The Muslim Brotherhood To Set Up Shop In Austria; Egyptian Media Reports Threat To Destroy Egyptian Institutions


Egyptian media is reporting that based on inside sources, the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood has decided to transfer their offices to Graz, Austria and three other unidentified European cities following the announcement of an investigation into the Brotherhood’s activities in the UK. Highlights from a translated summary of the Arabic language report include:

  • A meeting was held featuring Ibrahim Munir, Ibrahim Salah, and Dr. Mahmoud Hussein who were identified as the permanent members of the International Organization together with 17 unidentified new members.
  • The three permanent members agreed to transfer their offices to Graz, Austria and three other European countries following the announcement of the British inquiry into Muslim Brotherhood activities in the UK.
  • The meeting focused on the latest developments in Egypt, the development of a new strategy to stop the expected May elections for Presidency, and a new website created to expose the flaws in the election.
  • Members of the International Organization have been holding meetings in Brussels with senior European figures aimed at persuading the European Parliament to put pressure on Egypt regarding the treatment of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egyptian prisons.
  • The International Organization is in the process of establishing the “Jihadi Internet Army” and the “Rabia Army”  aimed at destroying Egyptian banks and other state institutions.

The GMBDW reported earlier this week that Ibrahim Munir had warned that banning the Brotherhood in the UK would lead to an increased risk of terrorism. We reported last week that Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered an inquiry into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United Kingdom

The choice of Graz as the location for a Muslim Brotherhood headquarters may seem odd to some but as a report on the history of the US Muslim Brotherhood has noted, self-described Brotherhood  “Foreign Minister” Youssef Nada and the late US Muslim Brotherhood leader Ahmed Elkadi were both living in Graz in the 1960’s. In addition, European Muslim Brotherhood leader Ayman Aly, formerly a top advisor to deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, had been a long-time resident of Graz. (The GMBDW report in January of this year that Dr. Aly was being held in Egyptian military detention but his current whereabouts have not yet been verified.)

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