Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Praises Hamas; Repeats Yassir Arafat’s “10 Agorot” Claim


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has issued a statement lavishing praise on Hamas which it calls “the heroes of the resistance.” The statement goes on to assert that Hamas is all that stands between Egypt and the long-held claim that Israel has “expansionist dreams from the Nile to the Euphrates”:

3543827_370August 5, 2014 Thanks to God, and thanks to the selfless sacrifices of the heroes of the resistance and the steadfastness of the great people of Gaza, the resistance has successfully foiled the atrocious aggression by the most powerful army in the region, and caused it heavy losses in soldiers and officers. Losses that this supposedly powerful army tried to cover up with horrid brutal massacres of unarmed Gaza civilians including children, women and the elderly, and the destruction of homes, mosques, hospitals and civilian facilities. At present, it is trying to pull away from the borders of the Gaza Strip in order to avoid further losses.

Now, the resistance is determined to achieve its fair demands for the Zionists to stop their barbaric assault, to guarantee it will not happen again, to lift the unjust siege on the Gaza Strip, to open the crossings and allow the entry of individuals and the needs that will help Gazans to live in freedom and dignity like all other people, to rebuild the Gaza Strip, and to uphold all human rights, which the Zionist entity totally ignored, aided and abetted by certain forces of injustice.

Those are rights that the whole nation must rise up to support, and all Arab and Muslim countries must use all their resources to secure, in support of their fellow oppressed brothers and sisters.

Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, said: « A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He should neither oppress nor betray him, nor forsake him. Whoever fulfills the needs of his brother, God will fulfill his needs; whoever removes the troubles of his brother, God will remove one of his troubles on the Day of Resurrection». This is especially relevant since the resistance is defending and keeping alive the cause of Palestine, Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, even if traitors abandon it.

The resistance is the last line of defense for Egypt too, which stands between the Zionist enemy and its expansionist dreams ‘from the Nile to the Euphrates’.

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Zionists, and the State of Israel, have been long been accused of plotting to expand Israel “from the Nile to the Euphrates.” This so-called 10 Agorot controversy is named after the Israeli coin brandished by PLO chairman Yasser Arafat in 1988 as evidence for this accusation. The Bank of Israel denies this claim and maintains the coin is a replica of a historical coin dating from 37-40 BCE.

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