RECOMMENDED Viewing “CAIR’s Identity Crisis: Defending Civil Rights or the Palestinian (Hamas) Struggle?”


The Investigative Project has posted a short video on the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its conflicting statements on the organization’s mission. The description of the video begins:

logoAugust 2014 During the 1990s, the Muslim Brotherhood created a support network in the United States to help Hamas politically and financially. It was called the Palestine Committee. According to documents seized by the FBI by some of the committee’s members, that committee included some prominent Muslim American political activists, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – perhaps the most influential Muslim American political group.

As the war between Israel and Hamas raged in Gaza during the past month, legacy members of the Palestine Committee – the Hamas support network – found themselves back in the fight for public hearts and minds, as this Investigative Project on Terrorism special report shows.”

Read the rest and view the video here

It has been our experience over the last weeks that it has grown increasingly difficult to cover the positions of an organization like CAIR as much of the political posturing has moved on to social media platforms, particularly Twitter. Twitter by nature makes makes it difficult to point to any single posting for analysis forcing an examination of the totality of the postings in order to make a judgment. Having followed the CAIR-National Twitter feed for some time, the GMBDW can confirm what is reported in the IP video above; that the concerns of CAIR clearly extend beyond the civil rights of US Muslims as the organization appears to be doing it best to incite its audience through a steady stream of selective and inflammatory postings on Gaza. As one example of a myriad of such postings we offer today’s tweet on some rather ill-thought out comments by an Israel professor. We can conceive of no other reason for posting on this subject other than to continue pouring fuel on the fires of hatred.

For our profile on CAIR, go here.

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