RECOMMENDED READING: “Britain’s ‘Murky Anti-Semitic Subculture'”


US media is reporting on the broad mix of extremist and hate group behind recent anti-Israel protests in Britain. The report begins:

August 15, 2014  Recent anti-Israel protests have been attended by thousands across Europe. These protests come in opposition to attempts by Israeli forces to quell the rocket fire aimed at Israeli citizens by the Palestinian terror groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

In Britain, the protests in support of Hamas have been chiefly organized by a mixture of Sunni Islamist groups and groups aligned with the Socialist Workers Party. The attending protestors, though, seem to come from across the political and religious spectrums. European hatred for the small Jewish state, or Jews in general, apparently continues to transcend all ideological differences to the point where pro-Assad activists can march alongside Sunni Islamists, while neo-Nazis stand shoulder to shoulder with Marxists.

Parliamentarians such as Andy Slaughter MP and George Galloway MP walked next to Islamist activists such as Ismail Patel, a supporter of the late French Holocaust Denier Roger Garaudy. Patel advocates the killing of adulterous women and has previously stated: ‘Hamas is no terrorist organization…we salute Hamas for standing up to Israel.’ Marching between Andy Slaughter and Ismail Patel was Hafiz al-Karmi, an official from the Palestinian Forum of Britain, one of the UK’s leading pro-Hamas organizations.

Activists from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, closely aligned with Britain’s Socialist Workers Party, seemed happy to march alongside James Thring and Lady Renouf, two neo-Nazi activists.  Thring, described as ‘an anti-Zionist activist who has been vocally supported by former the Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke,’ has been featured in revisionist pro-Nazi documentaries and is aligned with the ‘New Right’ society, a British neo-Nazi organization.

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As reporteearlier this month, most of the Islamic groups identified in the article as protest organizers are part of the UK Muslim Brotherhood.

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