Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman In London Wants UK Government To Resist “Pressure” On Report Findings


Turkish media is reporting that Ibrahim Munir, a Muslim Brotherhood leader living in exile in London, has said that he expects the UK government not to give in to what he describes as pressure to label the Brotherhood a terrorist organization. According to a report in the Daily Sabah:

Ibrahim Munir
Ibrahim Munir

August 18, 2104 CAIRO – A senior member of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood said that the British government was facing pressure from Egypt and certain Gulf States to label his group a ‘terrorist organization.’

‘We expect London not to bow to these pressures,’ the organization’s secretary-general, Ibrahim Munir, told Anadolu Agency.

On Sunday, the Financial Times newspaper reported that London had delayed publication of a report on the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities amid disagreements among government ministers and officials over the report’s findings.

The newspaper quoted officials familiar with the report as saying that the review had concluded that the group should not be designated a ‘terrorist’ organization.

According to Munir, the delay was the result of ‘pressures’ on London to steer the report in a particular direction.

‘Those in Egypt and the Gulf who supported the review [of the Brotherhood]expected to find in it a justification to accuse the Brotherhood of engaging in terrorism, which they failed to do,’ he said.

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The GMBDW reported yesterday on UK media reports indicating that the investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK ordered by Prime Minister David Cameron has found that “the group does not pose a significant terror threat in the UK.” Those report also said that the final report on the investigation had been delayed pending a decision on how to present the findings.

Ibrahim Munir Mustafa (aka Ibrahim Munir, Ibrahim Mounir) was referred to in the past by the Egyptian Brotherhood as an Executive Bureau member of the Brotherhood’s International Organization while an Egyptian news report identifies him as the Secretary-General of the International Organization and one of its founders in 1982 as well as a spokesman for the Brotherhood in London.

For a profile on Mr. Munir, go here.

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