ISNA Posts To Facebook In Response To Tariq Ramadan; Appears Stung By Criticism


One day following following the harsh criticism of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) by leading Global Muslim Brotherhood figure Tariq Ramadan, ISNA has posted lists of its public statements regarding Gaza and on domestic issues. In addition to the Facebook postings, a leading figure within ISNA has posted a letter pleading with Ramadan to participate in this years ISNA convention. The letter from Sherman Jackson reads in part

Islamic Society of North America
Islamic Society of North America

Tariq, I have always admired your courage. And if you recall, when you were kind enough to grace us with your presence at our conference in southern California this year, I said as such publicly to everyone in attendance. Courage is a laudable, indeed a necessary, trait for a Muslim. And given the humiliations this Ummah has known over the past two centuries, it is easy to imagine how some of us might be prone to elevating this value above all other considerations as an absolute, first order value. But through his actions our Prophet (?) taught us that courage is only one among many values and character traits that we must possess and properly deploy in pursuit of All?h’s pleasure. And I would submit that as much as this Ummah needs courage today, it has perhaps an even greater need for unity – even if in disagreement (something we could teach the West about) — and the diffusion of genuine brotherly and sisterly love throughout its ranks. This is what I believe your attending the ISNA convention this year will promote. And it is this, in addition to the blow it might deliver to American Muslim morale, that I think your absence, given your public statements about your reasons for not coming, might impact in a palpably negative way

The GMBDW reported yesterday that Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, had posted a letter on his website in which he said he would not be participating in this year’s ISNA convention. In that letter, Ramadan accuses ISNA of remaining silent on issues said to be of importance to Muslims worldwide. Although an ISNA official has denied that the Facebook postings have anything to do with Ramadan’s letters, it would appear that ISNA has been stung by the criticism.

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