Advisor Congratulates Hamas On Behalf Of Mohammed Morsi; Deposed President Faces New Trial


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website is reporting that the an advisor to the deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, currently jailed and awaiting multiple trials, has send a message to Hamas in Gaza on behalf of Dr. Morsi congratulating Hamas on their “brilliant victory over the Zionist enemy – the epitome of terrorism in the world.” According to the Ikhwan Web report:

Mohamed Morsi
Mohamed Morsi

August 27, 2014 Ahmed Abdel-Aziz, National Media Advisor to President Mohamed Morsi, sent a congratulatory message on behalf of President Morsi and his presidential team to the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Tuesday, Egypt announced a ‘comprehensive long-term’ cease-fire truce between the Zionist entity and the Gaza Strip.

In the congratulations message, Abdel-Aziz said: ‘On behalf of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi, his presidential team and the Egyptian people, I extend my congratulations to the political and military leaderships of the valiant Palestinian resistance, with all factions, in this brilliant victory over the Zionist enemy – the epitome of terrorism in the world’.

He concluded the message addressing Palestinian factions, saying: ‘I ask God to bless your unity, so you can ultimately liberate Palestine’. “

Meanwhile, Associated Press is citing Egyptian news agency reports that that Dr. Morsi has refused to answer a prosecutor’s questions about allegations that he leaked classified documents to Qatar via Al-Jazeera. According to the report, if the charges are referred to court, it would be the fourth case underway against Dr. Morsi who was deposed by the military last summer following mass protests against his rule. The GMBDW reported in February that Egyptian prosecutors had accused ousted President Mohammed Morsi of leaking state secrets to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.  Dr. Morsi could received the receive the death penalty as a result of his many trials.

In June 2012, the Egypt Independent published a revealing profile of Mohamed Morsi.

For a compendium of the extremist statements made by Morsi, go here.

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