MCB on Salman Rushdie Affair


The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), a U.K. umbrella organization representing mainly groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood Network, issued a statement regarding the growing controversey over Britain’s decision confer knighthood on Salman Rushdie.

The Muslim Council of Britain is disturbed at the deliberate political decision to confer a knighthood to Salman Rushdie, who vilified our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and caused deep hurt to Muslims everywhere. Today the Muslim Council has written to its affiliate mosques and organisations urging that they face this current provocation with dignity and wisdom and channel their hurt towards positive and peaceful actions. They must resist efforts by fringe elements in the community to exploit disappointment felt at the award. The MCB has asked its affiliates and the community to convey their feelings on the matter through letters to their parliamentary representatives and through local and national media; at all times observing propriety and restraint. ‘This ill advised decision approved by the Prime Minister should not divert you from your course of peaceful protest in the face of this deliberate provocation. Indeed, it should be used as an opportunity to correct the maligning of the character of the Prophet (pbuh) in the book which earned its author his notoriety’, said Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, MCB Secretary-General

The statement is consistent with pattern observed in other statements by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood network. That is, it encourages the notion that governmental actions are directed against Muslims and Islam while also maintaining a posture of responsibility by urging peaceful protest.

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