Defender of CAIR And ISNA Cites Relationships With U.S. Government


In a conference today entitled “Muslim Americans in the U.S. Foreign Policy Discourse” held at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington D.C., a member of the audience made comments critical of CAIR and ISNA, two important organizations in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. The panel moderator, who identified herself as a scholar of constitutional law, responded by stating:

…the two organizations you mentioned, CAIR and ISNA, are met with regularly by people from Homeland Security, and the State Department as well as I believe the Justice Department which doesn’t seem to have any problem with those organizations whatsoever.

The relationships between agencies of the U.S government and U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations are frequently cited in response to critics of these organizations.

(note: Comments at time 1:17:37)

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