BREAKING NEWS: Al Jazeera GM On His Way Out Due to Hamas/Brotherhood Connection


Arabic and English media are reporting that Al Jazeera General Manager Waddah Khanfar is likely on his way to being dismissed from Al Jazeera due to his alleged connections with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the reports, the Qatari “heir-apparent” issued a decree removing Khanfar from the Al Jazeera board of directors. A Jordanian newspaper reported that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas visited Doha a short time ago and handed Qatari officials a file demonstrating Khanfar’s Hamas/Brotherhood connections. Interestingly, a memo purporting to be a 1998 briefing document prepared for the South African President Thabo Mbeki has long been posted on the Internet and identifies an individual called Wahdan Abu Ahmed KHUNFUR who it says was a Trustee of the Al Aqsa Foundation in South Africa as well as a Hamas contact. The memo appears to be genuine but the unconventional spelling of Khanfar’s name likley prevented wider dissemination of the information.

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