Tariq Ramadan Posits Israeli Conspiracy in Gaza Events


Tariq Ramadan has posted a statement on his blog regarding the recent events in Hamas. it attempts to place the blame for the conflict on a long-standing plan of the Israeli government:

One need not be psychic to have predicted this disaster. For years – from blundered peace processes to deliberate provocations – the Israeli government has tried to cause an inter-Palestinian conflict. The political intelligence, patience and lucidity of the Palestinian actors had helped them avoid the worst. The Palestinians knew they were divided on the ideological ground but they remained united in their resistance towards their oppressors. Holding authority, one without any power, has now become the proverbial carrot and has got the better of their political awareness and their wisdom. I have said it more than once, at the beginning of the political repositioning, as well as before and after the elections: this was a trap and the springs would soon shut the lid on all the Palestinian people. The sad spectacle of these past few days is but a confirmation of a so foreseeable prediction. What a mess!

Tariq Ramadan is an extremely important figure within the Global Muslim Brotherhood network, perhaps best described as an independent power base with sufficient stature as the son of Said Ramadan, and the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood to challenge positions taken by important leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood network. His statement is consistent with many statements by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood which allege or imply various conspiracy theories regarding Israel and/or Jews. In an article written last year, Ramadan implied a conspiracy of silence in which:

Israel who imposes its conditions on the United States as well as Europe. And all of this with the arrogance of an innate, absolute and sovereign right. In the corridors of Washington or Brussels, everyone knows, everyone keeps silent..

In this article he also spoke of

the fear that paralyzes the European politicians vis-à-vis the State of Israel and the power of certain Zionist lobbies is truly shocking.

In a recent article, writer Paul Berman reviews the recent controversies involving Ramadan and the Jewish community including his accusation that a group of Jewish intellectuals in France had had abandoned universal values in order to advance their community interests as Jews.

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