CAIR Complains of War Against Islam


In announcing an upcoming discussion entitled “Do U.S. Policies Fuel Islamophobia? to be held in Dallas, the chairman of the board of the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR), an important part of the U.S Muslim Brotherhood network, made the following statement:

Given the lamentable state of our nation’s international image, it is imperative that American Muslims analyze the situation and advocate solutions that will help remove the perception that we, as a nation, are at war with the faith of Islam…

The statement is telling because CAIR leaders have made numerous statements asserting that the U.S anti-terror efforts are, in fact, directed against Muslims. For example, following the December 2002 arrest of two terror suspects, the same CAIR/Dallas office issued a press release stating

Lastly, we are concerned that these charges result from what appears to be a ‘war on Islam and Muslims’ rather than a ‘war on terror.’

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