California Islamic Scholar Posts Statement on Holocaust Denial


Hamza Yusuf, a California Islamic scholar often found at Muslim Brotherhood events and a member of a number of Muslim Brotherhood organizations, posted a statement on his blog entitled “Holocaust Denial Undermines Islam.”The bulk of the article is devoted to affirming the truth of the Nazi holocaust and to rebuking the Holocaust denial movement. The concluding paragraph, however, states

Perhaps in acknowledging that immense past of Jewish suffering, in which the Holocaust is only the most heinous chapter, Muslims can better help the Jewish community to understand the current Muslim pain in Palestine, Iraq and other places. In finding out about others, we encourage others to find out about us. It would greatly help our Jewish brethren to know the historical facts of Jewish experience in the Muslim world, which are often heartening and humanizing and very different from their European experience. In our mutual edification, we grow together.

Muslim Brotherhood statements often conflate events in places such as Israel/Palestine and Iraq with the Nazi holocaust as well as asserting that the Islam is historically tolerant of Jews compared with Europe, ignoring the widespread existence of virulent anti-Semitism in the contemporary Islamic world, the existence of which can be traced in part to the Muslim Brotherhood itself. Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the U.S have also promoted William Baker, an individual with strong ties in the past to neo-Nazi and Holocaust denial activity.

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