Article Posted On WAMY Website Blames Salman Rushdie Affair on "Zionist Alliance"


In an article posted on the website of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), the World Islamic Council for Dawa and Relief (WCDR) has blamed the Salman Rushdie affair on an alliance of “Zionists and right-wing warlords:

It is no secret that the forces of evil in the Zionist Alliance and the extreme right wing of warlords, weapons and imperialists have paved the way for the decision to award the Royal Medal to Salman Rushdie, all in the service of promoting a world of hatred and conflict…

The WCDR is a little-known group based in Cairo that is headed by Dr. Kamil al-Sharif, one of the Trustees of the Union of Good, a charity led by Muslim Brotherhood global leader by Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi that has been funding Hamas-related organizations and activities since 2001. This statement is consistent with many such statements by Muslim Brotherhood leaders and organizations blaming “Zionist” forces for assorted ills.

(note: Arabic source, machine translation)

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