IIIT Indonesia, CCE and US Embassy Collaborate in supporting Youth Programs


The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a part of the global Muslim Brotherhood, has announced on its website that its indonesian office is working together with the U.S. Embassy there on youth-related programs. According to the IIIT report:

The International Institute of Islamic Thought in Jakarta, Indonesia -headed by Professor Habib Chirzin- in collaboration with the Center for Civic Education and the US Embassy in Jakarta, are working together to support Indonesian youths for participation in the upcoming International Youth Forum which will be held in Bandung, Indonesia in June 2008. Last year, the US Embassy in Jakarta and the Center for Civic Education facilitated the visit of eight students from Muahmmadiya Secondary Schools to participate in the International Competition of Civic Education in Washington, D.C. The program in the US was coordinated by Legacy International, a Virginia based organization. This past January, the US Embassy, the Center for Civic Education, and Legacy International facilitated the visit of Dr. Abubaker al Shingeiti, Regional Director of IIIT to several universities in Indonesian provinces, including visits with the Rector of Muhammadiya University in Jakarta, UHAMKA, the University of Indonesia (UI), Dean of Faculty of Usuluddin in Philosophy of the Indonesian State Islamic University in Jakarta. Dr. Habib Chirzin praised the CCE and the US Embassy in Jakarta for their support of Indonesian Youth. He indicated that Indonesian universities are keen to continue collaboration with IIIT and other US academic institutions in enhancing Islamic Studies in their programs.

IIIT was founded in 1980 by important members of the global Muslim Brotherhood has offices throughout the world. An earlier post has discussed State Department/IIIT programs in Indonesia and examined the background of Dr. Al-Shingieti.

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