ISNA President Comments On Jews Might Seen Be Anti-Semitic


In a statement posted on the website of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, the organization’s President makes a statement that some might see as anti-Semitic. As part of a discussion about Muslims in Europe, Ingrid Mattson stated:

Europe has seen this kind of ethnic hatred before in its history. Financially-successful Jews were for many centuries viewed with jealously and resentment by some European Christians. Muslims should not be scapegoats for the problems not of their making.

The statement could be seen to be supporting the notion that Jews were both universally financially successful throughout Europe and that anti-Semitism had its origins in that success. The Muslim Brotherhood frequently employs comparisons between treatment accorded to Jews and Muslims. Previous posts have discussed the growing relationship between ISNA and a reform Jewish organization. ISNA and other Muslim Brotherhood organizations, in both Europe and the United States, have exhibited a wide range of anti-Semitic activities including conspiracy theorizing, promotion of anti-Semitic speakers, support of anti-Semitic organizations, and distribution of anti-Semitic materials, while at the same time participating in “interfaith” activities with Jews and Jewish organizations.

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