Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Organizes Children's Demonstration Against Israel


An independent Jordanian newspaper has reported the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood organized a political protest against Israeli actions in Gaza in which mostly children participated. According to the report:

Hundreds of citizens, mainly children, took to the streets in Al Manarah on Wednesday to protest against the Israeli offensive in Gaza. The demonstration, which was organised by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), started after Maghreb prayers at Hassan Basri Mosque. The marchers chanted pro-Hamas slogans and carried the flags of Jordan, Palestine and the Muslim Brotherhood Party. Protestors also called on the government to shut down the Israeli embassy in Rabia and expel the Israeli ambassador. Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip killed over 100 Palestinians in two days of fighting, many of them civilians. Some participants burned Israeli flags while others carried posters of Palestinian children injured in the attacks. Recent posts have discussed developments within the Jordanian Brotherhood following its heavy losses in recent elections.

(Source: Jordan: Children Take Part in MB-Organized Demo, Protest Israeli Actions in Gaza Report by Hani Hazaymah: “Al Manarah Children Protest Against Israeli Offensive;” Jordan Times (Internet Version-WWW) Thursday, March 6, 2008 Jordan Times: Hundreds of citizens, mainly children, take part in march in Al Manarah on Wednesday — 6 Mar AMMAN)

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