Italian Muslim Brotherhood Organization Says Most Muslims In Italy Not Subversive


An Italian media report indicates that an Italian Muslim umbrella group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood has released a statement saying that the great majority of Muslims in the country are not involved in subversive activities. According to the report:

UCOII would like to reassure the community that the great majority of Muslims are not involved in any actitivies that are subversive and against public order and national security,” said UCOII president Nour Dachan in a statement released to the media. The statement was in response to a recent news story about a police report on Italian mosques that stated some mosques in the country had been identified as potentially dangerous. “The loyalty to institutions and respect of the law is of absolute priority to Muslims,” said Dachan. “Only through love for the country in which we live can we take action for the general moral and civil progress. “Such an attitude is not tactical nor instrumental, but comes directly from the understanding and respect for doctrinal sources and the value system,” he said. According to the UCOII, “except for small episodes that per se have been isolated and sporadic….in moments of international tensions such as that which we are living, the presence of Muslims in Italy has never caused any disorder or real threat to public order”.

The UCOII is generally is thought to represent the Muslim Brotherhood in Italy and is probably a member of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), the EU-level Islamic organization claiming to represent the Muslims of Europe, although it is not known to have been listed as the FIOE contact organization in that country.

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