Islamic Educational Organization Tied To Muslim Brotherhood Announces Forum


The website of the International Board of Educational Research and Resources (IBERR), linked to the global Muslim Brotherhood, has announced an international forum to be held in early April in Leicester, U.K. According to the announcement :

This highly anticipated form will bring together leadings experts involved in new and innovative action research projects from South Africa, USA, Nigeria, and UK and other countries to resource a variety of workshops on the latest development within the Islamic education movement and encourage active participants to raise awareness and improve standards

IBERR, headquartered in South Africa, is a little well known organization founded by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) that distributes Islamic educational material around the world. Although its website has recently been redone and contains very little about the organization, earlier websites indicated that IBERR members included some prominent names from the global Muslim Brotherhood. In addition to Yusuf Islam, these include:

  • Abdul Hamid Abu Sulaiman (IIIT USA)
  • Fathi Malkawi (IIIT USA)

The older website described the origins of IBERR as follows:

It is the natural outcome of the deliberations of a core group of Muslim educationalists committed to implementing the aims and objectives of the First World Conference on Islamic Education held in Makkah in 1977.

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