Muslim Council of Britain Mischaracterizes U.K. Foreign Minister's Statement On Hamas


A press release by the Muslim Council of Britain, an umbrella group dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, illustrates how such groups propagandize on behalf of Hamas. In a statement saying that it was “deeply concerned that Britain is continuing to adopt a policy of partisan support for Israel”, the MCB asserted:

The Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, explicitly says that he condemns the use by some Palestinian groups of poor quality home made rockets, yet inexplicably he seems to refrain from condemning the far more serious military firepower deployed by Israel against Gaza’s civilian population.

However, Mr. Miliband’s statement actually read:

I condemn the rocket attacks against Israel. These are terrorist acts. They should be seen for what they are – an attempt to break the political process by breaking the will of those committed to peace. That cannot be allowed to happen. All sides in the conflict, and the international community, need to judge their actions by the need to keep the political process alive.

The MCB failure to identify Hamas and the addition of the characterization of it’s weaponry are consistent with the support for Hamas by all elements of the global Muslim Brotherhood,

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