New MAB President Issues First Statements


The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) has issued a series of press releases, the first known to be signed by Ahmed Al-Rawi the new President of the MAB and formerly the leader of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE). Both organizations are part of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. In one of the statements, Mr. Al-Rawi call for action against the recently released Geert Wilders video on Islam, taking up one of the most common themes of the Brotherhood- that Muslims and Islam are under attack. Here Mr. Al-Rawi posits that the European Islamic community is being victimized by both Islamic terrorists and far-right groups:

Ahmed Al-Rawi President of MAB highlighted the concerns of the community ‘this video is propaganda in its’; most evil form. In a time when communities across Europe need to unite for the common good, this is yet another unjustified attack against a community. European Muslims have been victimised twice – firstly by being targeted, along with the general public, in the recent attacks on London in July 2005 and on Madrid in March 2004 and then attacked again across Europe by far right and fascist groups. Our political leaders have a responsibility to promote community cohesion rather than hate and evil.”Terrorists target all communities- they don’t distinguish between race, colour or religion, however politicians like Wilders who target only law abiding minority groups in Europe need to be exposed for who they really are – the true preachers of hate and evil in suits.’ MAB has also called on the UK-based website which allowed the film to be posted online to remove the video arguing that this is not a matter of free speech as this video incites religious hatred which could lead to innocent people being attacked and abused. MAB have asked the British police to look into the matter.

In the second statement, Mr. Al-Rawi and the MAB reiterate their support for London mayor Ken Livingstone, who is known to have close ties to the MAB and other U.K. Brotherhood organizations. In 2004, Mayor Livingston drew international attention when he invited global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi to speak at City Hall in London where the Sheikh reiterated his support for suicide bombings in Israel. The statements by Mr. Al-Rawi and the recent re-launch of the MAB website appear to indicate that the MAB is attempting to reactivate its activities following a year-long hiatus after long-time MAB leaders left to form the British Muslim Initiative. Al-Rawi himself had been the long-time president of FIOE and was replaced last year sometime following assassination of his brother. Mr. Al-Rawi has in the past defended terrorism in Israel and Iraq.

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