Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Elections Being Won By "Hawks"


A Jordanian newspaper has reported that Shura Council elections for the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood are being won by “hawkish” forces within the movement. According to the report:

The elections of the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood Group are due to be settled by the end of this week. Some 30 branches in the capital and the governorates are expected to be decided upon, which means that 15 other branches will be decided upon in the coming weeks. Sources within the Islamic movement said that most constituencies of the capital have been decided upon in terms of elections. According to preliminary information, Shaykh Ibrahim Zayd al-Kilani has submitted a contestation to the executive bureau of the group, in which he protested the initial results of the election of Al-Husayn branch, which was won by Shaykh Zaki Bani-Irshayd, secretary general of the Islamic Action Front Party, who belongs to the hawks current within the movement, and Sabri Asmirah, a leader from the second rank of the movement from the center current.

Earlier, another Jordanian paper had reported that the elections followed the dissolution of the Shura Council, essentially the governing body of the movement, following recent elections in which the Jordanian Brotherhood has performed poorly:

Eighty three days after the decision of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Group to dissolve the highest organizational body in the Islamic Movement; namely, the MB Shura Council and its Executive Bureau because of its organizational responsibility following the results of the recent parliamentary elections, the early organizational elections of the MB’s new council will begin in a number of MB branches as of next Friday. According to informed sources, the general assemblies of the MB Group will head to the ballot boxes next Friday to take an internal vote on the candidates of a number of MB branches. Early internal elections are expected to be held in a number of branches of the capital, Amman, Al-Zarqa, and Al-Mafraq. Earlier posts have described increased political activity by the Jordanian Brotherhood, possibly in reaction to its recent electoral losses.

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