Scottish Muslim Brotherhood Sponsors Glasgow Antiwar Protest


A far-left U.K. news source has reported that the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) was one of the sponsors of a protest against the Iraq war that was held over the weekend. According to the report:

Thousands of peace protesters in Glasgow heard Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon call for troops to be withdrawn and the perpetrators of the Iraq war to be held to account at the weekend. Ms Sturgeon was speaking at Saturday’s rally on Glasgow Green organised by the Stop the War Coalition and supported by the STUC, Scottish CND and the Muslim Association of Britain. Organisers estimated that around 5,000 people joined the march through Glasgow city centre, which saw representatives from trade unions EIS and UNISON, the Scottish Socialist Party, Solidarity and the Communist Party of Britain taking part….SSP leader Colin Fox called for an immediate withdrawal of troops and a switch of spending from war to peaceful reconstruction.

Following the split inside the MAB last year which saw many of the organization’s leader forming the British Muslim Initiative (BMI), the Scottish branch of the MAB has remained politically active and on a number of occasions has received support and given support to the Scottish National Party which supports Scottish independence. The Stop the War Coalition and the CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) were frequent partners for the MAB in England before the split in the organization and both organizations have been involved in numerous antiwar protests. The MAB is generally regarded as part of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.K

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