Aide To Ukrainian President Attends Event Held By Ukrainian Muslim Brotherhood


The website of a Ukrainian Muslim Brotherhood organization is reporting that it recently help a meeting which was attended by the deputy representative of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko. According to the report:

Sponsored by the Federation of Social Organizations in Ukraine “Alraid”, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, held in the territory of Crimea peninsula works of the round table attended by a number of scientists and men of intellect and culture in Ukraine, and arrival of nine universities, in addition to representing a presidential Ukrainian official interested in the activities of the event. Inaugurated the table works Professor Alexander Lalić director Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and thanked in his opening remarks to the establishment of such joint activities with the scientific, cultural, literary competent in Ukraine which serve the community.

The deputy to the Ukrainian President was identified as Mr. Ramsey Khawaja who reportedly stated:

Alraid always concerned to consolidate the spirit of peaceful coexistence among all nationalities, cultures and religions inhabiting the territory of Crimea, Ukraine, and this of the most important objectives of such activities, which is today at this table.

ARRAID is the Ukrainian member organization of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), the EU-level umbrella group for the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. A Canadian scholar has reported that an ARRAID fundraising brochure stated that the organization:

… aims at the increase of ‘the cultural, social and educational level of Ukraine’s Muslims,’ the spread of Islamic culture among, and financial assistance for them, and Islamic proselytism (da’wa) in the country, …. ‘By this, Ar-Raid will become an important breach (thughra) in confronting Christian missionary attacks and Jewish expansion, so assist and help it to be able to follow the way it began..’

The organization claims anywhere from 9-13 chapters throughout Ukraine. A recent post indicated that ARRAID has received funding from the Islamic Development Bank of Saudi Arabia.

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