The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report was created to fill a significant gap in the understanding of Islamic extremism. Most observers are familiar with the pan-Islamic organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Founded in 1928 by Egyptian schoolteacher Hassan El-Banna, the Egyptian Brotherhood's served as the wellspring of Islamism and political Islam. Its importance as a 'springboard' toward radicalization for individuals such as Al Qaeda leader Ayman

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EDITOR’S NOTICE: The GMBDW Has Moved To A New Name And Location

As of April 15 2013, the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report (GMBDW) has been discontinued and is being published under a new name and at a new location. Our new publication is the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch (GMBDW) and you can find us here. The GMBDW has been active since the time the GMBDW ceased to operate so feel free to check us out and make use of all the new content. For the time being, the plan is to leave the GMBDW up as an archival site but we hope to merge the two publications sometime in the future when the technical issues involved can be worked out. In the meantime, please take advantage of both the GMBDW and the GMBDW and we look forward to an even more productive future now that we have full control over both domains. If you have further questions, please use the contact form at either site. If you wish to view the About page please see the About at the new site.


Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch

(formerly the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report)

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