MIDEAST CRISIS: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Says Referendum Will Be Held On Israel Peace


Global media are reporting on comments by a prominent Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood spokesman that if President Mubarak is replaced, a referendum will be held to decide the fate of the 1979 peace treat with Israel. According to one report:

Tel Aviv – If the “revolution” to oust Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak succeeds, Egypt will hold a referendum to decide the fate of its 1979 peace treaty with Israel, Israel’s Channel 10 television quoted a Muslim Brotherhood official as warning Thursday. “Israel has nothing to fear but its own crimes,” Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Assam el-Erian told the channel. But he also gave reassurances that the Brotherhood was a “non- violent” and not an extremist organization. Israel is following the unrest in Egypt closely and with concern, fearing it could jeopardize its 31-year-old peace with the regional super power to its southern border. Israeli officials have warned of a scenario in which Muslim extremists who might decide to discontinue the peace with Israel could assume power in Egypt.

An earlier post discussed comments by another Egyptian Brotherhood spokesman that that he would like to see the Egyptian people “prepare for war” with Israel

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