BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Announces Plans To Form New Political Party


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website has has reported an announcement by the head of the Brotherhood that the organization is is preparing to establish a political party to be called the the Freedom and Justice Party, or Horeya and Adala. According to the report:

Egypt’s largest political opposition the Muslim Brotherhood, has confirmed that it is preparing to establish a political party calling it the Freedom and Justice Party, or Horeya and Adala. The group’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie announced in a press conference that membership was open to each and every Egyptians prepared to accept the party’s programs, policy and direction. Badie state its founding members will be publicized in the near future and the necessary legal steps will be taken for the preliminary stage. He added that the party’s establishment comes in response to the wishes, hopes and aspirations of Egyptians for a brighter future and the restoration of the country’s prestige and leadership role. Badie went on to say that relevant institutions within the group are working on the final version of the party’s upcoming program, regulations and policies adding the appropriate institutions within the group will work with the internal Shura Council. The MB has confirmed that it does not object to the election of women or Copts in cabinet however it does not believe it would be appropriate to nominate a woman or a Copt as head of the party. Further details will be announced at the appropriate time.  

When asked by the Daily Caller how Egyptian foreign policy would change under a Muslim Brotherhood controlled government, we replied:

If the Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt (or was at least a significant influence in the government), how would Egypt’s foreign policy change? Do you believe war with Israel would be a serious possibility?Clearly Egyptian foreign policy would change, although exactly how is again a matter of speculation. That said, the Brotherhood is implacably opposed to Israel and, less well known, views itself in a cosmic struggle with worldwide Judaism, viewed by the Brotherhood as dead set on the destruction of Islam.As for going to war with Israel, Egypt is not in a position economically to put itself entirely at odds with the West given its reliance on U.S. aid, tourism, and economic relationships. However, rational economic calculus is not always in operation. The most likely result is an attempt to bring Egypt into the Syria/Iran/Hamas axis which would certainly make life more difficult for U.S. policy makers. Also, it is unlikely that Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood influence would continue the close count-terrorism cooperation with the U.S.

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