MIDEAST CRISIS: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Calls For “Blessed Uprising” To Continue


Saudi media is reporting that the leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has called on the protestors to continue the “blessed uprising” until President Mubarak is forced to leave. The Asharq Alaswat report also includes comments critical of this position by a member of a competing Islamist faction. According to the report:

Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat- In a new step of escalation on his part, Dr. Muhammad Badi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s [MB] General Guide, has called on those protesting against the authorities in Egypt to be patient and persevere to ensure the success of what he called the “blessed uprising” until the ruling regime of President Hosni Mubarak departs despite Mubarak’s response to several of the protesters’ demands. According to observers, the guide has apparently installed himself as the speaker on behalf of the people by saying that “the Egyptian people, from all groups, refuse to negotiate with the ruling regime” and warned of what he called attempts by some “to demoralize.” Dr. Najih Ibrahim, Al-Jamaa Islamiya’s theorist, told Asharq Al-Awsat that those rejecting the call to dialogue offered to them by the Egyptian regime “are seeking chaos and will cause Cairo to burn.” He pointed out that the MB “are masters of inciting the street and bouncing on revolutions.” Contrary to the MB’s stand toward the Egyptian regime, Dr. Ibrahim criticized the MB and its statement of yesterday that was signed by the general guide. He said the “brothers are masters of inciting the street and bouncing on revolutions. This is damaging for them. Ultimately, revolutions always damage them.” He pointed out that what President Mubarak announced represented 90 percent of the demonstrators’ demands because “it included an end of his rule, an end of succession, an end of the corrupt privatization era, and the start of the amendment of the constitution.” He asked: “What do we want after that? Do we need chaos or humiliate the president? This man fought for Egypt for 30 years. I am saying this though I was jailed under his rule with the brothers in the Jamaa Islamiya for more two decades.” Ibrahim went on to say: “The (protesting) youths should return (to their homes) because this could lead to the legitimization of chaos, which is worse than a corrupt constitutional legitimization.” Referring to the MB’s hard-line language and their rejection of Mubarak’s statement or dialogue with his rule, he added: “This language is demanding the impossible. We cannot overstep what is possible. We do not want to repeat the Cairo fire. Chaos will ruin everyone. The brothers supported the 23 July revolution and it was a reason for finishing them off. They should not reject the call to dialogue. They might cause a military coup or a Cairo fire (like the one of 1952).” He disclosed that 12 of the Al-Jamaa Islamiya leaders in jails refused to escape during the chaos in Egyptian jails during the protests.

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