RECOMMENDED READING: “Brotherhood Statements Foster Confusion”


The Investigative Project has published an analysis of what it sees as contradictory statements on the part of the Muslim Brotherhood during the recent Mideast crisis. The report begins:

It’s no wonder world leaders don’t know what to make of the Muslim Brotherhood. The group’s leaders can’t even reach consensus amongst themselves. Amidst the chaos of what is being dubbed the Papyrus Revolution, the leaders of Egypt’s primary opposition party are taking to the airwaves worldwide in droves. From the United States to the United Kingdom, and Russia to Japan, senior Brotherhood members are being questioned about how they would manage the Egyptian state should they accede to power in the aftermath of President Mubarak and the ruling National Democratic Party. Of primary concern to many is the Brotherhood’s stance on women’s rights, the implementation of Islamic law, policies toward Egypt’s sizeable Coptic Christian minority, and its projected plan for relations (or a lack thereof) with its neighbor, Israel. On that last issue, the Brothers just can’t seem to project a unified message.

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