MIDEAST CRISIS: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Provided Reinforcements In Battle Against Mubarak Forces


A second report has provided further details on the role the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is playing on the ground during the current unrest. According to a Newsweek report:

Relaxing near the entrance to a blood-stained alley off Cairo’s central Tahrir Square, prominent engineer and political activist Mamdouh Hamza, 63, credits the Muslim Brotherhood with saving the day. “We needed them,” he says. “They were very important to the resistance.” A short distance down the alley, amid a warren of shuttered shops, is the makeshift hospital that treated the hundreds of anti-regime protesters who were bludgeoned, stabbed, shot, burned by Molotov cocktails, or hit by flying rocks during last week’s pitched battle against President Hosni Mubarak’s men. But the protesters managed to hold their ground—thanks to the Brotherhood’s reinforcements, Hamza says, scanning the crowd in the square. “Half the people here, or maybe 40 percent, are Muslim Brotherhood,” he says. “They were a very important factor.”

[From Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: How High Will It Rise? – Newsweek]

An earlier post provided details about how Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood were manning checkpoints and serving refreshments to demonstrators.

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