Turkish Government Report Omits Its Role In Gaza Flotilla


The Turkish government has released its investigation into the Gaza Flotilla which resulted in a violent altercation with Israel naval forces last June. After describing what it views as Israel human rights and humanitarian abuses in its Gaza policies, the report presents the following and only description of the background to the flotilla:

It is within such a context that a multitude of NGO‘s from a variety of countries came together in a coalition to help alleviate the alarming humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The principal Turkish NGO within the coalition was ??nsan Hak ve Hürriyetleri Vakf?? (the ?Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms?—IHH), which enjoys consultative status within the UN ECOSOC and performs humanitarian activities in over 120 countries worldwide since 1992. The coalition organized an international and multi-faith convoy of ships laden with certified humanitarian aid. The ships set sail in May 2010 from different countries.

In contrast, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) has recently published an almost hundred page report titled “Turkey, the Global Muslim Brotherhood, and the Gaza Flotilla” which provides extensive background on the years leading up to the flotilla. The JCPA report abstract states:

There is strong evidence for Turkish governmental involvement in the Gaza flotilla incident, with Turkish government support channeled through the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood network. Since 2006, Turkey has become a new center for the Global Muslim Brotherhood. The IHH was not acting alone but rather was an integral part of a Turkish Muslim Brotherhood network.

With respect to the Global Muslim Brotherhood, report’s second conclusion states:

The Gaza flotilla incident brought into sharp focus an even more significant long- term development: the growing relationship between the Erdogan government and the Global Muslim Brotherhood, which has given rise to some of the most notorious Islamist terrorist groups – from al-Qaeda to Hamas. Since 2006, Turkey has become a new center for the Global Muslim Brotherhood, while the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip acted as the main axis for this activity

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