MIDEAST CRISIS: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Response To Accusations Of Concessions To Government


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has issued a statement in response to allegations that it has made concessions to the Egyptian government. According to the statement:

The Muslim Brotherhood in its desire to further clarify its intentions and stance has released this statement to ward off possible hearsay. According to the group, the People’s Revolution succeeded in toppling the regime, hence, it is imperative that the leader of this corrupt regime, President Mubarak, step down. It is on this note that we reiterate that we will not accept any backing down from the opposition’s demands so that the country will attain stability for the wellbeing of all Egyptians. It is highly significant that there be immediate amendments to the Constitution ad we call on those intellectuals and scholars cultured in this respect to find a solution so that any constitutional change be immediately implemented to restore the dignity of all Egyptians who deserve to live a dignified life free from the oppression and corruption they have experienced for the last 3 decades. We confirm that we entered the round of dialogue, with no intentions to bring forth any of the group’ demands and are interested in participating as part of the people with the people and for the people. It is on his note that we reiterate that we are constantly re-evaluating the situation from all aspects with the interest of all Egypt in mind. Hence, we declare that the statement issued by the regime has failed to satisfy the people’s demands and falls short. We believe that the statement highlights that there will no partial reforms which unfortunately do not satisfy any of the opposition nor does it appease the people in Tahrir Square. The people’s demands remain, as they have lost trust with any authority and have begun to question the seriousness of the promised changes. They insist that the President step down and they refuse to accept further mistreatment, repression, humiliation and oppression by Mubarak and any of his appointed thugs. We, the MB, continue to respect the military which has remained a neutral party and call on it to continue to protect the Egyptian people from the corrupt Egyptian regime. We reject all efforts by the state media to continue distorting the image of the respectable and resilient people in Tahrir Square who are part of a historical move which includes people from all walks of life, political trends and religions. Furthermore, it denounces all efforts by the state press to tar

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