RECOMMENDED READING: “The Muslim Brotherhood Past, Present, And Future”


A terrorism analyst writing under a pseudonym has forwarded GMBDW a report titled “The Muslim Brotherhood Past, Present, and Future” based largely on a translation of a sermon given by then newly chosen Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie. From the Executive Summary of the report:

Recent events in Egypt have brought the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) to the forefront of popular political discussion. Much of the information regarding what MB was, is, and will be in this discussion reflects the contradictory views of many pundits regarding the politics and goals of this organization. This paper will present an objective look at the past, present, and potential future direction of MB. What MB is, is somewhat difficult to characterize as it is an international organization with chapters in at least 80 countries and the character of the movement has changed recently with the election of a new Supreme Guide in early 2010. What MB will be in the future is also a challenge to predict with the rapidly changing political situation in North Africa that will likely spill over into the Middle East and the diversity of its membership. To the extent that the organizational goals will be shaped by its Supreme Guide this analyst believes the organization will return to the core goals from its formation. In August 2010 the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood published a sermon that is a clear call for Muslims to engage in individual and group violence to establish his interpretation of Islamic Governments.

Read the rest here.

For a profile of Muhammad Badie, go here.

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