British Muslim Initiative Joins With Green Party To Support Guantanamo Campaign


A U.K. far-left publication has reported that British parliamentarians from the Green Party and a U.K Muslim Brotherhood organization jointly called on the government Thursday to return Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Deghayes back to his home in Brighton. The statements were apparently made at the launch of what was described as a new campaign for European Union countries to offer asylum to Guantanamo detainees. The spokesman for the British Muslim Initiative (BMI), reported in earlier posts to be the replacement for the Muslim Association of Britain, was reported to have called on the U.K. government to intensify their efforts to return Mr. Deghayes, a Libyan citizen with residency status in the United Kingdom:

British Muslim Initiative spokesman Anas Al-Tikriti also called on ministers to intensify their efforts to get Mr Deghayes back home. Mr al-Tikriti hailed the FIDH initiative, noting that at least one Tunisian detainee has pleaded to be allowed to remain in Guantanamo rather than face torture in Tunisia. And he insisted that “those who masterminded Guantanamo, those who worked out its form and manner of functioning, should face trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.” Mr Al-Tikriti warned that, if they were to get away scot-free, “other countries will feel that it is OK for them to commit the same crimes.”

Muslim Brotherhood organizations around the world often join with far-left groups in various coalitions supporting their agenda.

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