Citizens Group Opposes New Islamic Facility In Berlin Tied To Muslim Brotherhood


A Berlin newspaper is reporting on the formation of a citizens group in opposition to the construction of an Islamic facility sponsored by an organization with past ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The organization, calling itself “Pro-Germany”, has circulated flyers calling for “resistance to the multi-cultural politics of the old parties” and that the new project was the “second attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood to become active.” The report notes that a group with a similar name in Cologne that opposed mosque construction there has links to far-right German political parties. Previous posts have indicated that an earlier project by Inssan, the group sponsoring the new project, ran into trouble when German media revealed that the property was actually purchased on behalf of the European Trust by Ibrahim El-Zayat, the leader of the Islamische Gemeinschaft Deutschland (IGD). Both the European Trust and the IGD are part of the Muslim Brotherhood network in Europe. The latest project however was approved in July and a local politician has said the project and financing are “transparent” although source of the 2.9 million Euros in donations has not been revealed. The local mayor has stated that the first state of the project involves only installing a “cultural center’ into an existing building and that a mosque will only be built if Inssan begins to generate revenue.

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