British Muslim Brotherhood Groups Organize Trade Union Seminar With London Mayor


The website of the British Muslim Initiative (BMI), a new U.K Muslim Brotherhood organization, has announced an upcoming seminar entitled “Trade Unions and Muslim organisations Seminar” which will include London Mayor Ken Livingstone amongst the speakers:

The younger age profile of Muslims means that they form a significant proportion of persons entering the labour market, and there is thus an opportunity for them to become engaged in union activity from the outset. Mosques in particular can play an important role in informing the community on the purpose of trade unions and the benefits of membership.Muslims with an interest in workplace issues or who provide community advice and support at mosques and community centres are most welcome to attend…The programme includes a discussion on concerns at the workplace, pathways to resolution, sources of advice, best practice examples and case studies.

Other Islamic sponsors of the event include the Muslim Association of Britain, IslamExpo, and the Initiative Islamic Forum Europe (probably the Islamic Forum Europe), all linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, Mayor Livingstone has long enjoyed warm relations with the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.K. and in July 2004 was the subject of international controversy when he invited Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi to London City hall where he reiterated his supported of suicide bombings in Israel.

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