Ukrainian Muslim Brotherhood Organization Gives Presentation at Catholic University


The website of ARRAID, a Ukrainian Islamic organization associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, announced that a representative of the organization gave a presentation a conference sponsored by the Roman Catholic Foma Akvinsky theological university of religious sciences. According to the report, Said Ismagilov of ARRAID:

.. made a speech on the part of Association “Alraid”. He paid attention of the audience to the concepts of tolerance in the society which consists of representatives of different outlooks. Explaining principles of social doctrine of Islam, Ismagilov by examples from history and also by quoting the Holy Quran disclosed the character of tolerance and social activity of Islamic doctrines. By the example of activity of Association “Alraid” the audience could get familiar with Islamic social work in Ukraine. It was told about such projects as help for orphan children (at the present time “Alraid” maintains more than 400 orphan children), drilling of bore-holes for drinking water in Crimea, a cow for a needy family, help to children’s homes across the whole Ukraine, and also charitable and moral help for of prisoners, etc.

ARRAID is the Ukrainian member organization of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), the EU-level umbrella group for the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. A Canadian scholar has reported that an ARRAID fundraising brochure stated that the organization:

.. aims at the increase of ‘the cultural, social and educational level of Ukraine’s Muslims,’ the spread of Islamic culture among, and financial assistance for them, and Islamic proselytism (da’wa) in the country, …. ‘By this, Ar-Raid will become an important breach (thughra) in confronting Christian missionary attacks and Jewish expansion, so assist and help it to be able to follow the way it began..’

The organization claims anywhere from 9-13 chapters throughout Ukraine.

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