French President Dines With Muslim Leaders, Muslim Brotherhood Leader Present


The website of the Union des organizations islamiques de France (UOIF), the Muslim Brotherhood in France, announced that French President Nicolas Sarkozy went to the Mosque of Paris for an Iftar dinner with members of the Conseil Fran̤ais du Culte Musulman РCFCM, a private group of French muslims recognized by the government as an interlocutor. Present at the dinner were Dalil Aboubakeur, President of the CFCM and Recteur of the Mosque of Paris and Fouad Alaoui, Vice president of CFCM and 1st Vice-president of the UOIF, as well as other members of the CFCM. Mr. Aboubakeur and Mr. Alaoui are arch-rivals within French Islam and Sarkozy was widely criticized at the time that the CFCM was created for seeming to endorse the presence of the UOIF, viewed as an extremist force. The Grand Mosque of Paris, on the other hand, is generally considered to be a moderate force and closely associated with the government of Algeria.

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