WAMY Officials Meet With Bosnian Grand Mufti


The website of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) is reporting that a group of it’s high-ranking officials attended the recent celebration in Sarajevo commemorating the 600th anniversary of Islam in Bosnia where they met and thanked the Mustafa Ceric, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia, on his role in “fostering the participation of Islamic youth in the different parts of the world, especially in Eastern Europe and Bosnia.” Dr. Ceric is tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood through his membership in the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR) headed by Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi and previous posts have reported on his desire to see a new European organization to govern Islam in Europe, his dispute with Bosnian Salafists, and his role in using a Saudi donation intended for war victims for the creation of an Islamic investment bank. Another post discussed an intelligence report indicating the desire of the “Wahhabist” movement in the Balkans to unify the various religious communities there under the Sarajevo-based Bosnia-Herzegovina Islamic Community headed by Dr. Ceric. U.S. government agencies and officials have argued that WAMY, in turn, has help to spread Islamic extremism around the world as well as sponsoring terrorism in places such as Bosnia, Israel, and India. A recent post has discussed transfers of funds by WAMY a charity in Albania designated as a terrorist entity by the U.S. government.

(Note: Arabic language source, machine translated)

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