Dutch Muslim Brotherhood Leader Part of Islamic Public Broadcasting "Coup" In The Netherlands


A Dutch news site has reported that according to a Dutch TV news program, a coup inside Dutch Islamic pubic television has resulted in a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood becoming a new director, one of eight such directors all described as “representing orthodox currents”:

Radical Muslims have taken control of the Dutch Muslim Broadcaster (NMO). At least three of the public broadcaster’s eight directors are extremely controversial, according to TV programme Nova. Until recently, the Netherlands had two Islamic public broadcasters: the moderate NMO and the orthodox Dutch Islamic Broadcasting Organisation (NIO). Media watchdog Commissariaat voor de Media demanded that the two would merge so that the Islamic faith would have a single representative body in the public system. But according to Nova, this resulted in NIO staging a coup of NMO. NMO has 2.5 transmission hours on TV each week. Following the alleged coup NMO now consists of eight directors, all of them representing orthodox currents. The representatives of the liberal Alevitic and Ahmadiyya currents, who chiefly ran NMO until recently, have been kicked out, as they themselves stated in Nova.

The report goes on to identify Yahia Bouyafa is one of the new board of directors and says that he “is believed to have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. A previous post has discussed Bouyafa ties to the Brotherhood, Hamas, and to a Kuwait Sheikh who, in turn, is part of an organization suspected of having ties to Al Qaida.

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